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out to be the biggest white collar crime case ever in the history of the san francisco district attorney's office. >> sky 7 hd got this video of a car that went over an enbankment. a mother and 3-year-old daughter were inside of the car as it was traveling near the spring valley golf course. the mother lost control. the car slid into a ditch. the two were taken to the hospital and their condition is not known tight an overturned suv snarled traffic this afternoon. here is the view from sky 7 hd as a ramp the driver likely misjudged sharpness of the curve and flipped the car. all lanes have been cleared and are now reopened. >> details about a pleasanton preschool teach year accused of tying up a toddler because the toddler would not take a nap. the district attorney will decide if the teacher should face criminal charges. the teacher resigned in january. the teacher showed a photo in a social gathering. >> a police officer is recuperating after being bitten by a dog at golden gate park. this picture was posted to our facebook page. the officer says he was checking on a person an
taking heat for a surveillance of antimuslim ads featured on vehicles in san francisco showing photos of islamic figures alongside violent incidents. he say that is his jihad, what is yours. the bill boards mock the my jihad ads. muni says it has to run the ads otherwise it would risk being sued by the group that posted them. san francisco city leaders condemned the ads today. >> there is no place in san francisco for racism. >> at the board of supervisors i'll be introducing a resolution expressing that we all stand with our mus skplim arab communities in the face of these hateful bus advertisements. >> the same group put up ads last year calling muslims savages. muni says it donated money it received for the ads. >> now to the vatican, cardinals just hours from selecting a new leader of the catholic chu. i want to show you video taken insifd of the sistine chapel. the cardinals will move in tomorrow. yesterday, the cardinals ended a series of meetings where discussions were held on what kind of man to choose. >> thinking about what they're going to do because they have said they hav
today in san francisco. to celebrate the service. >> abc 7 news has more from st. mary's cathedral. >> catholics say they felt somber heading into church this morning. the mass held to honor pope benedict the 16th. >> i'm truly thankful, feeling grateful for a man given a life of, of service to the church. >> the archbishop ask all hold a mass at thanksgiving for his long, healthy retirement. during the sermon he encouraged catholics to learn from the resignation. >> he was the right person for the job. i respect him resigning for whatever reason that may be. and i just hope that someone will be able to continue the role. >> catholics say they are also praying for the next pope. >> i have to put my faith in god to protect vid someone to lead the church. progressive ones, conservative ones and hopefully, bring us together with idea of how to love the world and serve others though we're all very different. >> they hold mass here every day. a lot of catholics told us they don't come every day, they came to honor the pope. >> several agencies are digging in an alameda creek now searchi
've got clouds in the sky. 57 degrees in san francisco. 64 in oakland, san jose. 66. now, another live view from a top mount tam. you can see it's misty and gray up there. these are the forecast features, we'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies during evening hours becoming mostly cloudy by tonight with areas of light mist and sprinkles. spotty showers in the morning and afternoon, partly sunny skies. mild in spots. we may have scattered showers. high temperatures reaching 70 in the sunniest inland locations tomorrow. >>> a truck hit a woman and young granddaughter this afternoon, this morning, rather. the vehicle struck about 7:30 this morning. the brand mother has mib minor injuries but the truck crushed the 7-year-old girl's foot. police say it's possible the girl will lose the foot. the truck driver stayed at the skpeen has not been charged. the victims fwhr a crosswalk when hit. >> a man was arrested yesterday for a super bowl ticket hoax that cost a hayward woman $5900. sharon osgood shared her story in jachblt she mailed money to a man advertising tickets on craig's list. she go
cancelled in the wake of a wik by san francisco symphony musicians. as of now, musicians are unhappy with the contract proposal including a pay freeze for the first year. management says musicians are already the third highest paid in the country. an announcement will be made tomorrow about the status two of other concerts scheduled for the weekend. >> breaking news out of south florida. three people have died in a small plane crash. witnesses sate twin-engine plane was trying to return to the airport after having difficulty following takeoff. rolling on its skpid then, flipped over and crashed into that parking lot setting several cars on fire. it happened at 4:00 florida time. all three people on the plane died. there are no reports of any injuries on the ground. >> an ohio teenager testified today that he saw friends perform a sex act on a 16-year-old girl following an alcohol-fueled party last summer. the teen granted immunity in his testimony in the trial of two high school football players accused of rape. the boy says he reported -- recorded part of the assault and later delet
director of the san francisco lgbt community center. >> they face chal qlempks in schools and from the world in terms of having two same-sex parents the children are turning out just and equally successful in school coming up at 6:00 what may happen should the high court rule in favor of same-sex marriage and how, he says it will limit the freedom of the church. >> in washington, d.c. a line started to form at the supreme court. people want to see inside next week's event. people started to camp out yesterday, lines too do form in advance for free tickets to hear the arguments by five days before a case that is early. abc 7 news carolyn tyler will be in court when the highest court considers whether prop 8 wrongly denies gays and lesbians the right to marry. >> a cruise ship arcadia owned by carnival arrived near san francisco today. >> now, the group is all smiles in spite of the troubles you've heard of. and talked to some of the passenger autos this morning buses started to rom out taking passengers on guided tours. but there were those who chose to go it on foot. >> we're going
will guide him to solve the problems we're facing now. >> in san francisco, prayers went out during the mid day mass for the 115 cardinals participating in the conclave. >> it will be nice, cardinals weren't rushing to get throughout meetings they had. they're just putting it in the lord's hands. >> today's vote did not produce necessary two thirds needed to elect a pope. tomorrow, there will be four votes. 2:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the afternoon, and so on until the papers are burned and an additive place ntd fire turns the smoke white in the case a new leader has been elected. everyone wondering who that will be. one person who is often mentioned is the cardinal from brazil. seen as someone with mod rern way was a traditional message. one example is that he's tweeting. he tweeted more than 1600 times. i just started to follow him today. his latest message says, his last tweet said friends, i appeal to the word of god this sunday. let us reconcile with god. so very interesting to see what is going to happen tomorrow. >> thousands of people from around the world watching to see what colo
came from san francisco police. the officers inside kept somber faces reflecting the mood. some agencies had driven long distances hailing from southern california. such as from the central valley, still, others from oregon and maryland. the 75-100 people were moved by what they saw. >> the outpouring of respect and just love, respect to the families is something that is awesome. and the fact that there is so many that care about the police force. it's wonder tofl see people saying we need these guys. >> you're ready to go to work thinking you're going to come home, then, something like this happens. so it's a sad thing. so just tell everyone you love them. >> there is no doubt anyone is thinking they can take life for granted especially as they think about the families tonight. >> outside the hp pavilion, rows of officers saluted as "taps" played. coffins were brought out for a final journey back to santa cruz. >> this is so owe motional. >> dozens turned out in santa cruz to watch the memorial. >> it was a service many wanted to see. the kaiser permanente arena offered a live
in a fireplace causing more extensive damage. >> happening now san francisco medical examiner is trying to determine how a man died before his body washed up on marshal beach in the presidio just hours ago. crews recovered the body. someone reportedly spotted a body a little bit earlier. >> the alleged drunk driver accused of running over and killing a san francisco teenager last saturday was back in court today. the 28-year-old pleaded not guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and dui. police say he had a blood alcohol level of fth.09. the accident happened on her 17th birthday. >> the san jose man accused of trying to detonate a car bomb in an oakland bank pleaded not guilty this morning. the 24-year-old was arrested bit fbi after an investigation. federal agents say that he was trying to bomb this bank of america branch off haggenburger road. investigators say an under cover fbi agent told the suspect he has tied to the taliban helped design something that looked like an explosive, but it was harmless. >> a pleasant hill man is under arrest accused of trying to smuggle five ounces
reportedded his son missing. and his mother and sister face charges. >> striking members of the san francisco symphony used their music today demanding management open their financial books. they postponed a concert tour including a performance at carnegie hall, saying managers are giving themselves bonuses and offering musicians a contract with no raise in the first year. management says the symphony members are the third highest paid in the nation with a salary of $165,000 a year and 10 weeks paid vacation. >> colorado governor signed a bill into law allowing civil unions for gay couples. nine states allow gay marriage. >> and they're about to head to washington for culmination of a debate starting in san francisco. >> it's been an incredible experience, turning out to be historic one. >> chris perry ask sandy steer are one of the two couples behind the lawsuit challenging the ban on same-sex marriage. since the passage in 2008, polls show sentiment has shifted. president obama now supports marriage for the nation's gays and lesbians and his administration has filed a brief with the u.s. su
in the first buy back of the year just three weeks ago. >> no noisy protests this time. health in san francisco reached a five-year labor agreement with workers. last time negotiations dragged on 18 months and became very contentious. the contract gives workers a 4% increase each yeerk it's up to employees to decide how to contribute the money. >> stockton is fighting to become the largest u.s. city to file for bankruptcy. they base their budget on anticipated developer fee skpinz creasing tax revenues but that vanish whtd mortgage bubble burst. creditors more could have been done to cut employee pensions. the trial is expected to last four day autos freezing temperatures and snow could not detour dozens of people in washington hoping to hear the high court take up the two gay marriage cases tomorrow. you can see them huddled under umbrellas and tarps. the lines began forming on thursday with some people paying others to hold their place in line. the court seats about 500 people and 50 seats are expected to go to the public. tickets are handed out on a first come, first served basis. >> marriag
downtown in san francisco. good news is that it's warm and sunny. east bay, it is a >>> on capitol hill today a a.bus victims spoke in a senate committee hearing to push for changes in the way sexual assaults are prosecute ntd military. abc news reporter thoman bradley has more now. >> victims of sexual assault in the military are demanding reform. >> military justice system is broken. >> several victims told a committee sexual assault and harassment in u.s. armed forces is wide spread and too often, commanders don't seem to care. former army sargeant rebecca reported being raped by another service member. >> i removed myself from training and sought out assistance from an army chaplain told me among other things the rape was god's will. >> it only got worse, her commander decided not to prosecute the alleged rapist. bridgit mccoy says she was raped by her super officer, she didn't report the assault. >> the year i was raped, that same year, ways raped again by another soldier in my unit. another year, i was sexually harassed by a commissioned officer in my unit. >> petty officer brian
trial next year. >> qit a scene today in san francisco. a muni bus ran over a fire hydrant before 2:00 this afternoon at mission and main streets. thomas h sent us these pictures. water has been shut off. the saer now clear. >> that geyser shooting up about 30-40 feet in the air. >> the national football plead leeg made an announcement today it hopes will improve the safety of the game. >> yes. kboitsing to affect the way is played. wayne freedman learned today this, is getting mixed reviews. >> nfl football looks pain frflt stands. you get a sense from the side line. especially while watching running backs. today a new rule it says will protect players from themselves. >> we've demonstratedded the game is better and safer. >> the new rule makes it legal for a ball carrier to use the top of his helmet when delivering a hit. this is designed to limit concussions. this medical expert is in favor. >> not to reduce competitive nature of the sport but to make it more safe. >> what will this do to the game? >> run backs goring to hate this rule. >> why? >> goitsing to make the game safer.
for arriving flights into san francisco right now. >> here is spencer christian. >> hard to believe but take a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies now looking at western sky from our east bay hills camera. beautiful afternoon around the bay area, temperatures highs, so far, i should say 74 degrees in santa rosa and 74 in oakland. 71 near san francisco. a clear ocean beach and readings right now 71 degrees in oakland. on we go mainly cloudy skies and take a look at readings, low 70s around the bay area. so it's just been mild, one of the mildest days of the year so far. clear and mild, mostly cloudy skies in early morning. still mild tomorrow before getting the cool down coming our way next week. larry and carolyn? >> firefighters have maitd progress against this wildfire that we're showing you live on the news. it's about 40% contained now. hot dry winds could cause hot spots to clear again. >> st. mayor ease basketball coach responded to harsh sanction that's could impact his program for years still to come these mostly involve questionable recruiting efforts. >> i take full responsibility.
gathered outside of the san francisco office of dianne feinstein. efforts appears doomed in the senate. at left for the moment and saying there is not enough votes. that reality is prompted a president to stand with families of the newtown, connecticut victims this morning asking voters to challenge their elected representatives. >> if they're not part of that 90% who agree that we should make it harder for a criminal or someone with mental illness to buy a gun, ask them, why not? why are you part of the 10%? >> this morning, nancy pelosi told me sup sport crucial. >> there may not seem to be votes right now, public sentiments is everything. >> right now, senate proposing a bill that would require universal background checks on gun purchases but assault weapons and a ban on high capacity clips are not included for lack of support. the head of the nra pushing back on background checks it slows down law abiding and does nothing to anyone else. >> it's been 100 days since the newtown, connecticut killings. the president call makes it clear he knows time is working against him. >> we need
in one san francisco neighborhood worried. >> but the city says rain won't increase the risk of more sink holes. you can see the view from sky 7 which flew over the neighborhood last week. unstable soil caused serious damage. >> three homes are now red tagged. is that right, heather? >> that is right. still three as of yesterday and today. three yellow. the city not expecting that to change. in anticipation of rain they did inspect roof tops of the water-damaged homes. otherwise they're not expecting the rain to do anymore damage. it will be months before they're fully recovered here. >> this hull is supposed to have water in it. it helps compact the soil around a freshly-repaired pipe. it's one of six that the story will be repairing here. they were damaged when a 16 inch water main broke, and flooded the neighborhood a week ago. a two-foot river of water roared down 15th avenue damaging 23 homes. the pipes are just one of many projects that will take months to complete and will be an agonizing wait for owners of the three homes. that st how long the city says it will have to wait and wa
investigators don't know what set off this fight. >> protests outside of san francisco planned parenthood have grabbed the attention of the board of super visors. a loophole let's protestors stand just inches from the front door. >> as long as they don't move feet they're able to get close to our client. and bully them. >> we're here to support women, children, and provide education materials for them. >> a proposal by supervisor campos would create a buffer zone of 25 feet around planned parenthood. >> members of the -- confronted post master again ral during the national postal convention. they're asking him to reconsider the cuts. >> bringing it to the public's attention this, is an issue we'd like to keep our services. we'd like to keep our historic building autos overtime go as way. we've used things like buyouts for employees. i think we're responsible employ skbrer will continue to do that. >> the service lost 27% of mail volume because people are paying their bills online. a report showed the service is facing a budget gap. >> bart is looking at sharing bart trains and get along. >> it
. back to you. >> thank you, emily. >> hundreds of people converged on san francisco water front today to celebrate the live of pi. the number, not the movie. >> it's national pi day. to celebrate the math constant that begins with 3.141 and stretches. staffers hosted a number of events, one of the pi-lights, the sky flipping pie dough. >> it's march 14th if you agree it's 3.14. sheer how they're celebrating pi day at 49ers headquarters. niners tweeted out this pick turk not a lot of math, those thoe pecan pie there looks pretty good with a chocolate sf. look but it's there. we had apple pie in the studio today. >> that is right. right. >> i missed my piece. >> yes. sandhya is in for spencer today. >> those who are late for pi. >> people going share, share. >> right. exactly. >> hopefully, next time he'll think of us, cooler weather today. temperatures are going to continue to go down for the weekend. and will introduce rain. changes coming up. let me show you right now, and you'll notice that we have a lot of cloud cover. temperatures did come down as mentioned a good three to 10 degr
that vigil begins at 7:30. >> thank you, david. >> happening now san francisco police are looking for surveillance video to help them solve a murder of a 21-year-old man in a busy intersection. the man was standing on the corner in the bay view. another man fired seven shots. officers chased this 22-year-old and arrested him. they don't know if anyone else was involved. police found the shooters's gun in the wheel well of a car. >> gilroy police are looking for two people in a fraud investigation. this surveillance photo of the pair was taken from an atm. police will not say what form of fraud the pair may be connected to. >> police have three burglary suspects in custody. students at payne and anderson schools were placed on lock down beginning at 2:00 this morning. police say a woman managed to describe the get way car. >> a memorial will be held thursday for two stanta cruz police officers shot and killed in the line of duty last week this, is a photo of detective sargeant lauren butch baker with his family. is he on the far right in this photo. detective butler was also killed
over san francisco. skies cleared out. temperatures cleared out 63 in oakland. 63 sanÑi jose.d8 another live view from our camera in emoriville looking towards the golden gate. mainly blue skies, temperatures 64 in sabt santa rosa and napa. this is a forecast. partly cloudy skies this evening, temperaturesu! upper 40s to mid-50s, clouds with sprinkles developing overnight, temperatures ranging from 44 to9wx 52. partly sunny skies in the afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds. it will not be a wet day. it will be mild inland highs into upper 60s, i'll show what you is coming up next in just aw3 few minutes. >> we'll seejf you shortly. >> breaking news now in morgan hill./ñ police from severalç agenciesxd are in a standolfÑ with a parole that they believe is armed. traffic blocked there in both directions. abc 7 news is live there with the very latest on this.jf david? >> a lot of activity here there have been nine flash bangs atç the motel. there is a 29-year-old man inside of a second floor room. they've been trying to get him to surrender but so far no, deal. they know he has a crimi
the suspect was holding four employees hostage inside of the building. >> in san francisco police are looking for a large marijuana grow this morning. they think the cause is likely electrical and linked to overriding power system to supply that pot operation. some suspected smoog this neighborhood sex pensive to live here. you would think it won't happen here. quite a lot of family was children here no. one wr is safe, guise firefighter was hurt flighting-sh fighting flames. he's expected to be okay. investigators say the fire caused $1.5 million in damage. >> the shooting of a man came to the bay area to interview for a job with google received a lot of attention. >> now, the person accused of killing him is on trial. in front of the alameda county court house, the victim's widow through in to testify in this case. she came here to confirm her husband had traveled to the bay area for that interview with google. they asked her what, if anything did her husband have on him at the time. ie, credit cards. her fem testimony was brief, but emotional. in 2010, her husband was leaving the dental of
. >> happening now san francisco mayor ed lee is on the way to china for an eight day visit. he'll be looking to increase chinese investments in san francisco. they're considered loaning almost $2 billion for hunter's point ship yard project. >> there is a special place in their heart for san francisco. i want to build on that. keep that dialogue going. >> about 30 people will accompany the mayor including former mayor willie brown. lee will visit his father's an seft tral village. he expects the red carpet streemt. -- treatment. >> it's the end of an era. end of an institution after 27 years. tommy toy. changing demographics can issues forced the restaurant to close. >> still ahead at 4:00 a reason to be afraid of the dentist one doctor did is warning thousands of paish dwronts get tested for life threatening disease autos he's worth big buck buzz how much does mark zuckerberg owe the irs? we have the answer. >> dramatic video of a man walked off of a subway platform and the plan that rushed to help him. >> michael finney taking your questions and will answer them live. you can conta
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